2011-10-05 / Opinion

Bruce Goodwin Run Over By John Kasich Bus

When John Kasich became governor, he uttered one of his most famous quotes, which was along the lines of “get on the Kasich bus or get run over by it, and I’m not kidding.”

Bruce Goodwin, state representative, now bears the tire tracks of the Kasich bus.

Goodwin spoke out against the governor’s plan to lease the Ohio Turnpike, not what a good little Republican state representative should do. As a result, a few weeks later, Goodwin got the Kasich bus treatment.

The state reapportionment board, which is controlled by the GOP, redrew Goodwin’s house district so that Fulton and Williams counties were taken away from him. With just two years of eligibility left under

Ohio term limits law, he is forced to campaign in counties where he has never run before and has little-to-no name recognition.

What was done to Goodwin is a simple exercise in political muscle. It’s not right, but it’s the way things work on the political scene.

The difference is that with the infamous “bus” quote Kasich has given a name to the political shenanigans that have gone on for decades.

Already there are some indications that Ohio voters are having “buyer’s remorse” over giving Kasich the governor office in 2010.

Perhaps in 2014, when Kasich stands for reelection, a different bus, driven by Ohio voters, will run over him.

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