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School Test Scores Favorable

Results of state tests administered to Archbold Area School District students appear extremely favorable, the school board learned at its Monday, June 20 meeting.

David Deskins, district superintendent, told the board preliminary test results from the Ohio Department of Education showed students met most, if not all, of the state benchmarks for each area tested on the Ohio Achievement Tests and the Ohio Graduation Test for high school sophomores.

The results are used for the school report cards issued by the ODE.

The critical factor is whether or not the district will meet the requirement for AYP, or average yearly progress. If the district can meet the AYP requirement, it can retain an Excellent rating on the report cards, a ranking the district has held for 10 years.

If the district fails to meet the AYP requirement, it will drop one ranking to Continuous Improvement.

“We’re very pleased with the work of our students and staff,” Deskins said. Summer Success

Deskins told board members that Dorothy Lambert, elementary school principal, had reported the elementary will hold a Summer Success program Aug. 1-12.

Third grade students entering fourth grade were selected to participate based on end-of-year achievement and diagnostic test scores.

The school is required by the state to offer the program, which is designed to give kids a jump-start on the school year.

Deskins said 29 eighth graders will take integrated math next school year. The course is offered to eighth graders who have excellent math aptitude.

Students taking the class will receive high school credit. Personnel Actions

The board approved several personnel items at the meeting.

A contract was approved for Shawn Grime for work as a high school guidance counselor for the 2011-12 school year.

The board approved a contract for Jessica Miller for a position as summer Ohio Graduation Test readingwriting intervention teacher. The contract was made retroactive to June 13.

Also approved was a contract for Tara Yunker as a third grade reading intervention teacher for Aug. 1-12 as part of the Summer Success program. The contract is for 45 work hours.

Jenn King received a oneyear supplemental contract as seventh grade volleyball coach for the 2011-12 school year.

Melissa Valentine was approved as a volunteer coach for seventh grade volleyball.

The board met in executive session for about 45 minutes to discuss “employment, compensation, demotion and-or promotion of public employees.”

No action on those issues was taken when the board returned to regular session.

Tony Warncke, board member, was absent.

The next meeting is Monday, July 18, 5:30 pm, in the Archbold High School media center.–David Pugh

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