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Pumpkin Festival Winners

Winners of the 17th annual Pettisville Pumpkin Festival, Friday, Oct. 1:

Judges choice, adult division: Mindy Borer, 1st place; Brenda Lovins, 2nd; Amber Sauder, 3rd.

Judges choice, student division (period 2): Ellen Overmier, Kelsey Waidelich, 1st place; Jessica Valdez, Christy Ramey, 2nd.

Judges choice, student division (period 5): Steven Young, Jacob Deffely, 1st place; Alex Roth, Matthew Storrer, 2nd; Paige Fricke, Josh Borton, Aaron King, 3rd.

Judges choice, student division (period 6): Taylor D’Alelio, 1st place; Andrea Hernandez, Samantha Gomez, Courtney Maxwell, 2nd; Eden LaCourse, 3rd.

Peoples choice, adult division: Amber Sauder, 1st place; Mindy Borer, 2nd; Brenda Lovins, 3rd.

Peoples choice, student division: Andrea Hernandez, Samantha Gomez, Courtney Maxwell, 1st place; Ellen Overmier, Kelsey Waidelich, 2nd; Oliviah Wallace, 3rd.

Open Pumpkin Contests

Carving: Scott King, 1st place; Phil King, 2nd; Brenda Lovins, 3rd.

Painting: Karen Lugbill, 1st place; Emily Eicher, 2nd; Natalie Hubby, 3rd.

Creative Fall Display: Pearl Bloomer, 1st place.

Grades 6 & Under: Wyatt Cerda, 1st place.

Grade School Pumpkin Contests

2nd grade, Mrs. Holsopple: Christian Hernandez, 1st place; Max Leppelmeier, 2nd.

2nd grade, Mrs. Walker: Elise Hartzler, 1st place; Grace Schnitkey, 2nd.

4th grade, Mr. Hoops: Elijah Grieser, 1st place; Birch Baer, 2nd.

4th grade, Mrs. Roth: Stetson Aeschliman, 1st place; Kayla Wyse, 2nd.

6th grade, Ms. Enderle: Carly Bontrager, 1st place; James Eicher, 2nd.

6th grade, Mrs. Wixom: John Rufenacht, 1st place; Payton Lantz, 2nd.

Art 1, Class 1: Emily Eicher, 1st place; Jessica Valdez, 2nd; Amber Dykstra, 3rd.

Art 1, Class 2: Claire Waidelich, 1st place; Taylor D’Alelio, 2nd; Timothy Iott, 3rd.

Art 2: Natalie Hubby, 1st place; Katie Nofziger, 2nd; Kelsey Waidelich, 3rd.

Art 3&4: Taylore Lantz, 1st place; Marie Engle, 2nd; Emily Herring, 3rd.

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