2010-04-28 / News

Two Statewide Issues On Primary Ballot

Voters across the state will be asked to cast ballots on two statewide election issues during the Tuesday, May 4, primary election.

State Issue 1 asks voters to allow the State of Ohio to issue an additional $700 million in bonds. Money from those bonds will be used for Ohio’s Third Frontier program.

Information from the Ohio Secretary of State office indicates Third Frontier’s goal is to attract and promote private technology investment.

Money raised by the sale of bonds pays for research and development by Ohio businesses, in cooperation with universities and research institutions, to bring new products and services to the marketplace, thereby creating new jobs.

Arguments For, Against

Proponents of Issue 1 say the additional sale of bonds won’t raise taxes; rather, new jobs created will mean new revenue for state and local governments, which will more than compensate for the debt incurred.

The opposing argument states the current Third Frontier legislation is already authorized to issue $500 million in bonds, bonds that must be repaid.

In addition, Third Frontier allows the State of Ohio to pick winners and losers from the private sector to receive state money, and won’t provide quick relief for the state’s current economic trouble.

Issue 2

State Issue 2 asks voters to approve changing the location of the casino in Columbus.

In November 2009, Ohio voters approved a change in the state’s constitution that allowed casinos in four cities– Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo.

Issue 2 only seeks to move the location of the Columbus casino. It makes no alterations to the 2009 change in the state constitution.

Because of the way the 2009 ballot issue and the resulting change in the constitution were phrased, all Ohio voters must approve the change of location for the Columbus casino.

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