2009-11-11 / Opinion

Letter To The Editor

These critical services We all read and hear statistics about unemployment, housing starts, and other indicators of economic health.

But it only takes one look at the line of people waiting outside of a Fulton County food pantry or one conversation with a friend who has lost his or her job to understand the real message: there are people in our local communities that desperately need our help.

That’s where the United Way comes in.

The United Way of Fulton County supports 28 programs with proven track records of making a positive difference in our communities. are focused on the building blocks of a strong community– education, health, income, essential services, and community building.

Collectively, these agencies provide over 12,000 units of service to people right here in Fulton County.

With so many people being served, it’s a safe bet that you know someone personally whose life has been touched by one or more of these programs.

“Living United,” the United Way theme, is more than a slogan. It’s a call to action.

We can’t be content to wait around and hope that the government’s stimulus package will reach down into Fulton County.

Part of Living United is stepping up and taking action to help our friends and neighbors during this time of need.

Fulton County is blessed with generous and caring people who are willing to share what they have to help those who are less fortunate.

And while times are tough for everyone, never has the caring spirit been more needed.

The power of the United Way is to give collectively, to accomplish a lot.

Garrett Tinsman Archbold

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