2009-10-14 / Opinion


Who's To Pay

Throughout the long summer, the nation was embroiled in debate over health care. At times the debate resulted in ominous tones.

There is one basic fundamental health care question that America must answer. However, so far, we have not heard it addressed.

Should health care be an entitlement for American citizens, paid through taxes and administered to all, equally?

Or, should American citizens be responsible for their own health care? Is it the role of the government to control each citizen’s choice of how they obtain their personal health care?

Arguments about public options or single-payers or universal coverage or co-ops should be set aside until we settle one question: entitlement, or individual responsibility?

Unfortunately, health care has been caught up in the ongoing Culture War between conservatives and liberals. Untruths, half-truths, taken-out-of-context truths, and plain outright lies are spewed forth, as one side looks to gain a power advantage over the other.

With the hatred and vitriol that permeate the political climate, that one basic question may never be decided, and whatever reform comes out of Washington will probably be akin to handing out aspirin tablets in the cancer ward.

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