2009-06-17 / Opinion

Get Obama Dollars For Rd. 24 Under/Overpass

Over the years Archbold has grown, and grown, and grown. Village growth might be stunted right now due to the economic downturn, but this too will pass, and Archbold will begin to grow again.

For that to happen, village infrastructure needs to expand and improve. One of the biggest improvements needed is a railroad underpass/overpass, which has been needed for decades at Co. Rd. 24, so the roadway can go under or over the railroad tracks.

Government types will groan and complain it costs too much; indeed, the Co. Rd. 22 underpass on Clyde's Way, was a multi-million dollar project. But it is necessary to have traffic to ConAgra, Archbold Industrial Park, churches, school facilities, and the rest of the village flow unimpeded and safe. That's why an under/overpass is critical.

There's plenty of money out there; Barack Obama, U.S. president, opened the federal money spigot, and billons of dollars have, or will be, poured out to "stimulate" the economy. We could use a little "stimulation," in the form of an underpass or overpass, right here in Archbold, Ohio 43502.

Our government administrators and elected officials, right up through Bob Latta, U.S. congressman, and senators George Voinovich and Sherrod Brown, need to shake the federal money tree to get Archbold some "Obama Dollars."

It's been done before; it can be done again. Isn't it time a trainload of money gets unloaded in Archbold? How many trainloads has Archbold sent to Washington, D.C.?

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