2009-06-17 / Front Page

Salaries Of School Officials Studied

Again citing uncertainties in the state budgeting process, the Archbold Area School Board decided to again withhold action on adjustments to administrative salaries.

The move came during the board meeting Monday, June 15.

It is the third time the school board has deferred the decision.

Scott Miller, board president, announced the decision after the board returned from an executive session that lasted about one hour.

Stated reason for the closeddoor session was discussion of employment and compensation "and/or real estate matters."

Miller said the board is waiting to see the eventual outcome of negotiations over the state's $54 billion, two-year budget for 2009-11.

The budget was originally proposed by governor Ted Strickland, Democrat, and then went to the Republicancontrolled state Senate, which removed sweeping changes in education funding proposed by Strickland.

The state House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats, then refused to pass the senate budget bill. Reports say the two bodies disagree on anywhere from $2.5 billion to $3.2 billion.

The end result was last week, the state budget went into a conference committee made up of six people- three from each body, the House and the Senate. The Senate committee will have two Republicans and a Democrat; the House committee will have the opposite makeup.

"A committee of six members will make the funding decision for all Ohio schools," Deskins said.

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