2009-05-20 / Public Record

Traffic Signs Stolen

Two traffic signs were stolen from the intersection of W. Lutz Rd. and Co. Rd. 24.

Missing are a "One Way" sign and a "Do Not Enter" sign, both owned by the village of Archbold. They are valued at about $63.

Archbold Police converted W. Lutz Rd. to one-way traffic on the evening of Saturday, May 9, for the Archbold High School Prom, held at the Archbold Knights of Columbus Rebeau Hall on W. Lutz Rd.

Once the road was reopened to two-way traffic, the signs were placed by the intersection at about 6:40 pm. When Village of Archbold street department workers went to retrieve them Thursday, May 14, at about 1:31 pm, the signs were missing.

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