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Rodriguez, Schoenhals And King Win Spelling Contest

Nic Rodriguez Nic Rodriguez Nic Rodriguez, Peter Schoenhals, and Ryan King, Archbold, were three of six winners in the annual Fulton County Spelling Contest, Monday, May 11 at Delta Middle School.

Rodriguez was the third grade winner; Schoenhals, seventh; and King, eighth.

Eighty-four students from grades 3-8 competed.

Other Archbold, Pettisville, and Fayette placers:

3rd grade: Connor Hagans, Archbold, second; Jake Myers, Pettisville, third.

4th grade: Alex Short, Archbold, fifth.

5th grade: Elizabeth Miller, Pettisville, second; Austin Green, Pettisville, third; Emilie Keiser, Fayette, fourth.

6th grade: Jacob Hartman, Archbold, fourth; Joshua Liechty, Pettisville, sixth.

7th grade: Olivia Krieger, Archbold, second; Joshua Smith, Fayette, fourth. 8th grade: Lyndsey Rupp, Archbold, sixth.

Peter Schoenhals Peter Schoenhals Ryan King Ryan King

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