2008-02-27 / Opinion

Voters Face Local Candidates, Issues On Election Day

America is in the midst of picking a president for the next four years, with all of the resulting hoopla.

This year's Ohio primary election is critical in the Democratic Party's nominating process; local citizens will be bombarded with advertising from candidates.

It would be tempting to totally ignore the whole thing and stay away from the polls on Tuesday, March 4, Election Day, but that would be a mistake.

There are two important property tax issues on the ballot for local voters- one for Fulton County, and one for Ridgeville Township.

There are important contests in the Fulton County Republican primary for county commissioner and county prosecutor. These votes probably will decide who will hold the office.

The primary is an important election, even for unopposed candidates. They can measure their vote totals and get an idea of how their constituents feel about their job performance.

Of course, the presidential election is of vital importance. But the local races- the levy requests, the candidates- are just as important, if not more so. It is the local levy requests and elected officials who have a large hand in determining a citizen's property tax bill.

Even if you're not affiliated with a political party, get out and vote on the issues. It's your right and responsibility.

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