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Fire Department Aerial Truck Request Delayed

A late arrival by a demonstrator fire truck delayed the Archbold Fire Department's final recommendation to the German Township Trustees Monday night, Feb. 25.

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief, told the trustees a demonstrator aerial truck from Pierce Manufacturing, Appleton, Wisc., was to arrive at 5 pm, allowing the aerial truck committee to inspect the vehicle, then meet and make a decision between a new truck from Pierce, or a refurbished aerial truck from Sutphen, of Amlin, Ohio.

But, Brodbeck told the trustees the truck was late, due to one of the Pierce representatives missing a connecting flight. As a result, the committee did not get a chance to meet and prepare a proposal for the trustees.

Trustees will meet Monday night, March 10, to hear a proposal from the committee.


Brodbeck told the trustees the Pierce demonstrator, "is a beautiful truck." It costs $870,000.

Sutphen is offering the department a refurbished trucka rebuilt ladder, with a rebuilt pump, on an all-new chassis.

Brodbeck said Sutphen is starting to construct a new aerial ladder truck, which could be built to AFD specifications. He declined to give a price of the new truck, due to bidding considerations. In earlier meetings, figures of more than $600,000 have been discussed.

The Sutphen truck currently under construction is available to any fire department; plus, to build the truck to Archbold specifications, Sutphen needs to know something soon.

"I would hate to miss the opportunity on that truck, " Brodbeck told the trustees.

He said Sutphen officials asked for a letter of intent from AFD, expressing an interest in purchasing the truck currently under construction.

After determining that such a letter would not represent a binding contract, the German Township Trustees passed a motion, granting Brodbeck the authority to write the letter.


Brodbeck said at the meeting he had not had a chance get feedback from the department's truck committee members.

"Until the Pierce truck showed up, they were 100% for the Sutphen," he said.

Randy Ruffer, German Township trustee, said a constituent had approached him, complaining about money spent on equipment for Archbold Fire Department.

Ruffer said he asked the constituent how he would feel if it was his wife or family member trapped in a burning building. Would he rather the AFD show up with the best equipment, or something less?

The man said that was different, Ruffer said. - David Pugh

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