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Local Primary Election Results

Results for contested offices and issues in Fulton and Henry counties:

Fulton County Commissioner:

Daniel A. Bruner 2,431

*Dean A. Genter 2,598

Fulton County Commissioner:

*Paul Barnaby 3,219

Ivan A. Hite 1,994

Fulton County Prosecutor:

*Scott Haselman 2,697

Paul Kennedy 2,425

5th District Representative (Fulton Co.):

*Bob Latta 3,932

Scott Radcliffe 1,075

Michael Reynolds 374

5th District Representative (Henry Co.):

*Bob Latta 2,571

Scott Radcliffe 392

Michael Reynolds 165

Tax Levy, Fulton County 9-1-1 (0.7 mill-Replacement):

*For the tax levy 8,484

Against the tax levy 3,866

Clinton Twp Road Improvements (1.0 mill-Renewal):

*For the tax levy 1,587

Against the tax levy 895

Gorham Fire (1.5 mills-Additional):

*For the tax levy 280

Against the tax levy 265

Ridgeville Twp. Fire (1.0 mill-Replacement):

*For the tax levy 323

Against the tax levy 64

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