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Golden Notes Of Archbold's Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1998

Headline- Local Firms Send Supplies To Storm-Ravaged Quebec; 429 Generators Pass Through Company

Council utilities committee has recommended the village not take the waterline extension deal offered them by St. John Lutheran Church.

Valerie Rood, a resident of the 300 block of Ditto Street, told council she found over 100 open parking spots in the village over the lunch hour. Rood opposes the request of the F&M Bank to build a parking lot at the corner of Ditto and Williams Street.

Water and sanitary sewer service rate increases totaling 27% over three years have been recommended to council by the utility committee.

Stephen Buehrer, 31, Delta, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Buehrer, Archbold, will seek the 82nd Ohio House District seat vacated by Richard Hodges, AHS graduate, who lives in Wauseon.

Angela F. Dohm, air force airman first class, graduated from medical service apprentice technical training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Dean's List- Bradley Roynon, Carthage College; Tracy Ann Rohrs, OSU; Tricia Funk, Quinnipiac College; Elizabeth Ann Nelson, OSU

Deaths- Fern E. Blosser, 73, Wauseon; Allen Fetterman, 80, Wauseon; Willard King, 82, Wauseon; Miriam A. Kinsman, 72, Archbold; Dorothy Whitacre, 83, Wauseon

About 100 persons from Archbold and Fulton County met for breakfast and fellowship Feb. 23 at Bradenton, Fla.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1983

Lauber Manufacturing reports adding about 12 employees, bringing the work force to 32. The company has started a basic second shift.

Yoder & Frey, Inc., said interest rates are not coming down fast enough for the average farmer. Many farmers are facing bank-lending cutbacks so things are super tight for them.

Harley H. Nofziger was named Citizen of the Year. He is a lifelong resident and farmer of this community.

In the 25 weeks of the new Ruihley Park Pavilion dedication, it has been the center of many activities.

Philip Hoverman, AHS band director, explained his plans to Rotary Club for taking bandsmen to the Washington, D.C., Cherry Blossom Festival in April.

Jesse Storrer was granted a permit by the Dept. of Army Engineers, to fill a small area of the Tiffin River.

Robert J. Burkholder, Fayette, and Mark A. Klein, Edgerton, were named vice presidents of the First National Bank Northwest Ohio.

Deaths- Darrell H. Bruns, 55, formerly of Archbold; Carol Miller, 52, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Marvin Miller, executive vice president of First National Bank Northwest Ohio, named David Lersch, Pettisville, to the advisory board of the bank.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Bumper sticker: "They can't fire me. Slaves are sold."... David Brinkley, of ABC News says, "If politicians pull so many raw deals with the press watching them, imagine what they would do if the press wasn't watching."... The Archbold Carp Festival is one of 3,000-plus festivals in America each year.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 1958

Edward Muldoon has been named general manager of the Grocery Division of Beatrice Foods Co. Muldoon will continue as general manager of La Choy Food Products, in Archbold. He will continue living here.

An Attempt is being made to organize a Business and Professional Woman's Club in Archbold. A dinner meeting will be held Feb. 10 in the State Room in the Peoples State Bank building. Interested persons may contact Marilyn Smith or Helen Shibler.

Ohio's Best Fair is the rating received for the Fulton County, 1957 centennial fair at the annual Ohio Fair Managers convention in Columbus last week.

Fulton County's nine banks indicate a new all-time peak in resources, deposits, and loans.

Fulton County was the only county in Northwest Ohio to report an increase in sales tax receipts in the last six months.

Japan has joined the National Science Fair, making the annual event for high school scientists international.

Linda M. Miller has been chosen a member of the bassoon section of the Ohio State University Symphony Orchestra.

Val Flory found a map of Fulton County, published in 1897 and on the folder was the name of J.P Flory & Huit, who operated a dry goods store in Archbold 61 years ago.

Shirley Murry is queen of the Pettisville Homecoming. Other members of the court are Sandra Smith, Gloria Eicher, Conchita Avina, Barbara Nofziger, and Karen Gearig.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1933

The sums of money received at the office of the Fulton County Treasury to date is fifty percent under the amount taken in for taxes the same date last year. The treasurer is quite lenient owing to the prevailing business conditions.

A man hobbled from door to door begging. His cane enhanced a great problem walking. Showing great trouble climbing steps to homes, he showed the homeowner a selection of pencils, hoping for a coin or two. He rattled doors from one end of town to the other. If he succeeded in getting a nickel at every fourth house he probably collected a dollar in the town. If he makes four towns a day he is not doing so badly.

There is discussion in Wauseon to establish a natural gas system. Numerous wells in use in and around Wauseon, supply sufficient natural gas to furnish homes with all they need for years, prompts Wauseon men to consider further development.

Death- Peter Goldsmith, 79, Wauseon. He leaves six daughters, eight sons, 47 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren.

The reason the political speaker deals in vague theoretical platitudes is to mask a dense ignorance of the essentials.

Why is our wheat so low in price? Canadian wheat if whole, coming into the United States must pay a forty percent duty. But if Canadian wheat is once run through the mill and cracked, then it comes in at five percent. See how the cheap foreign flour competes with our farmers?

Physicians, who have been ordering their weak patients to drink more sweet milk at their meals, have been having wonderful success in their practice, as the patients soon respond to the treatment. Milk contains all the elements of life and is the only perfect food and drink combined. If people could be made to realize that all strong nations of history have been sustained on milk, there would be a greater demand for the farm product. The goodness of milk as food and drink must be widely advertised.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1908

One of the most important business deals in recent years was consummated Saturday when Samuel Schantz bought from the Levy's the Thomas building for $3,000. He also bought the Flory building and half of the Flory wall for $405.

The intention is to construct a new bank building with adjoining store, hotel, and office building, all to be controlled by The Peoples State Bank Company.

Mr. Schantz has had a string of applicants who want to rent the rooms to be built. The property is right in the heart of the business district and adjoins the Anna Buehrer property recently purchased by Rupp Bros. They want more store room space.

The right kinds of men are in power now in Archbold and the town is going ahead at a rapid pace.

Archbold is the biggest little town along the Air Line Railroad.

The German Thimble Club was entertained at the home of Mrs. Samuel Kohl. A grand five-course dinner was served. Besides the club members others invited were Misses Sarah Levy, Hannah Buehrer, Mary Cramer, Emma Vernier, and Rev. and Mrs. Hoffman.

The New York Central has discontinued sixteen passenger trains on its various lines since Dec. 15, because of lack of business.

Jesse Short sold a team Thursday for $440.

Chris. L. Rupp, 64, died Saturday. He was the eldest of a family of 12, the first to die, and had seven living children. Funeral at Defenseless Mennonite Church and burial in Rupp Cemetery, near Pettisville. He was a brother of Revs. Daniel and Eli Rupp and is related to hundreds of people in the Archbold vicinity.

The Kleck party on their way to Phoenix, missed their train at Chicago and were obliged to stay over. The train they missed had a wreck, so they consider themselves lucky.

In twenty-two counties in Northern Ohio, thirty-six millions of dollars was spent for liquor in 1907.

Friday, Jan. 24, 1908

Daniel Roth is feeding 69 hogs and he says they eat up a lot of corn each week.

Amiel Flory has been helping Daniel Roth cut wood.

Noah Dominique is helping E.F. Nofziger put up a buzz pile.

You can't tell a man's wealth by the kind of cane he carries.

The first county library in the United States was dedicated at Van Wert, Ohio, in 1901.

No cases were made against John R. Hoffmire and L.E. Clair under the charge of practicing veterinary surgery without a license. The case of Prof. Yoder had not come up.

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