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Sauder Village, Town Working On Playground

Two villages, the Village of Archbold and Sauder Village, will work together to create a new, small playground area on the Sauder Village campus, said Jennifer Kidder, Archbold Parks & Recreation director.

The project is contingent on the village obtaining a $17,000 Ohio Department of Natural Resources Natureworks Grant. If approved, the grant will require a 25% local match; the final price tag is $24,000, Kidder said.

Archbold Village Council voted to allow Kidder to begin the grant application process at its Monday night, Jan. 21, meeting.

Kidder said if the grant is approved, Sauder Village will construct the playground and maintain it.

As a certified playground safety inspector, Kidder said she will conduct routine safety inspections of the playground. Otherwise, Archbold Parks & Recreation won't be responsible for the maintenance of the playground.


While the playground will be located on Sauder Village Property, it will be open to Village guests, Archbold residents, and the public.

Persons who wish to visit the new playground will not need to pay the Sauder Village admission fee.

The playground will be very small, and the playground equipment probably limited to a swing set, merry-go-round, and climbing structure, Kidder said.

"It will not be nearly as elaborate as what's in our parks," she said.


Kidder said the playground project is a win for the Village of Archbold and Sauder Village.

It gives the Village of Archbold another playground in the northwest quadrant of the village.

Sauder Village gets to construct a playground for its guests, and access the state grant program to help pay for it.

"People can walk or take a bike ride down Stotzer Lane, and if they want to, they can stop and play," she said.- David Pugh

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