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Warning 3.0: Nationwide email phishing scam targets E-ZPass, again

Ohio Turnpike issues its third warning in two summers

The scammers are at it again. For the second summer in a row, a warning is being issued to E-ZPass®customers by the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission. The Turnpike is once more asking E-ZPass customers—and the public—not to open or respond to yet another wave of bogus emails from fraudulent criminals asking for money.

“Victims say they get an email claiming they owe money. It’s a classic phishing scam because both E-ZPass customers and non-customers are being targeted,” said Ohio Turnpike Executive Director Randy Cole. “No data has been compromised from our customer accounts. This third wave of emails is yet another attempt to solicit from unsuspecting individuals,” added Cole.

This e-mail scam also has been reported in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Customers with questions about the validity of a message from E-ZPass should call the Turnpike’s Customer Service Center at (440) 234-2081, ext. 1075. The CyberCrimes Division of the FBI is aware of the issue and anyone receiving this scam email is encouraged to file a complaint with the internet crime complaint center at -Posted 8.20, 3:30 pm

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