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Calls For Payments Of Warrants A Scam

"People will never get a call over the phone from the Fulton County Sheriff Department requesting payment of a warrant," said Roy Miller, Fulton County Sheriff.

"I was just contacted by Sheriff Jerry Greene, Mahoning County, that has been made aware of a scam that is currently operating in Mahoning County. Sheriff Greene suspects that this is happening in other counties as well.

"The caller identifies himself or herself as a deputy sheriff from a particular county and that there is a warrant for the call receiver's arrest for failure to appear. They say it can be taken care of by posting bond over the phone and that it cannot be satisfied by appearing in person; it has to be done over the phone.

"Credit card information is taken from the unsuspecting individual and funds are deducted from the credit card" by the scammer."

Do not give your credit card information out over the phone. Report the call to the sheriff department.–Posted 8.18, 9:07 am

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